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Almost all people insure their homes and cars, the idea of driving around in a new car without insurance to many people may seem crazy or the thought of not having home and contents insurance could cause many people to lose sleep at night, but that is what the majority of the population do every single day with their biggest financial! Without the income you generate the chances are that you could not afford your new car or the house you live in or even afford the lifestyle that you are accustomed to, but many people do not even stop to think about insuring that very income which is the basis of their financial well being.

While there are very few among us who would feel comfortable driving an uninsured car or neglecting to insure our home and contents, a surprising number of Australians are not sufficiently covered by income protection insurance. And yet without income protection cover we risk being deprived of our most valuable financial asset-our ability to earn the income which funds our lifestyle.

Insuring your income is the key to ensuring your continued lifestyle. What would happen to your quality of life if you could not work for a year due to an accident or sickness?

Income Protection Cover & Protection Quotes

Ensuring that your income is protected is a key element of sound financial management. An income protection policy covers up to 75% of your usual income and will make sure that you have an ongoing replacement income in the event that you become unable to work due to sickness or injury. You can choose your waiting period, benefit period and how much of your income you wish to insure.  In most cases premiums are also tax-deductible. 

Dealing with income protection quotes and income protection cover can be stressful. We make it easy.

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